Getting Old

I was thirty when I woke up this morning. Holy crap on a cheese box. Thir-ty.

You know what thirty feels like? No? Me neither. I’m still a willfully obscure teenager in my mind.

Although I did know one thing when July came along: some changes were in order.

First up, an overhaul of this blog. Of course my blog suffers first. So. No more ads, no more bullshit. No kidding.

Old posts are still here, but I wanted to start with a somewhat clean slate, so V2 it is. And yes, it’s an excuse to change the theme to something I really, really, seriously love.

Shit I did when I wasn’t around (I have been gone for too long, in case you didn’t *sob* notice):

  • Cut my hair. This isn’t new, but it’s been a while since the last one, so. Yay!
  • Colored my hair. Holy shit, my virgin (albeit very dry) hair!
  • Started a new blog with my (I should note: reluctant) sisters.
  • Tried running and exercising. And failing miserably.
  • Bought a bike. My childhood dream come true, you guys.

My bike has been receiving a lot of attention lately, as we (and by “we”, I meant Paulie) gave the bike a makeover that I think it needs. More on that later as it deserves a special little post of its own.

Now shoo for a while. Let me blow my cake in peace.

Selfie Pa More

Why hello Anti Selfie Bill

Statement from the NUJP (National Union of Journalists of the Philippines):

We agree that people are entitled to privacy and, in fact, the Constitution guarantees as much, in all matters that are personal and have nothing to do with the public interest.

But the measure’s intent is so broad it is likely to be used as another weapon for the criminal and the corrupt to escape accountability should it become law.

That the measure would punish even ‘the fact that no visual image, sound recording or other physical impression of a person was actually sold for gain or profit,’ makes it even more insidious.

Wind Chime

We got a pretty little wind chime today from some guy who knocked on our door. While we don’t usually buy random stuff (okay, I admit. I totally do), he told us the items he’s selling were made by prisoners, so we went ahead and paid Php280 for the wind chime.

We would have been awfully happy about it too (Svet claims she has a new pet, because on top of the chime is a wooden parrot), had my mom not mentioned just now that they have exactly the same wind chime.

Which they got for a measly Php100.

That bastard.