WAHMaholic Exercises

I am not a gym buff (pricey, awkward and it takes time to go to a proper gym considering where we live). Nor do we own fitness equipment here at home (pricey and will take up space). But everybody needs exercise, especially for a lazy ass WAHM like moi who does nothing but sit in front of the computer all day long typing away. So here’s my version of everyday exercise – totally free AND fun.

  • Playtime with Svet and my nephew Elijah. These kiddos will take your breath away. Literally. Not only from laughing, but from so much moving around while playing with them.
  • Watching Showtime and Wowowee. Svet likes to dance while watching said shows, and I dance with her. Which means almost one full hour of silly dancing.
  • Laughing. Great cardiovascular exercise. And with me it’s not hard to find something to laugh at or someone to laugh with.
  • Cleaning up after Svet. Even with Paulie around, you won’t believe (or maybe you will, if you have a toddler like I do) how much energy I spend everyday on this activity.
  • Power walking. Here in Baguio, there’s no leveled road. It’s either up or down. Just going out of the house to find a taxi that will take us to town is enough exercise daily for two people.
  • Sex. Undeniably the best calorie-burning activity invented by man. I dare you to disagree.


  1. Hindi ko iko-contest yung huling type of exercise mo marce pero bakit mataba pa rin ako. hahaha!

  2. in fairness nga ang hirap mag exercise pero sa mga list mo prang sisiw lng at free pa… naku ang hirap mag linis ng bata.. imagine ko svet hahah. si yena kasi ganyan din eh hahaah

  3. speaking of yena.. oi silip ka sa blog nya now dali.. andun may bagong video

  4. i won’t disagree with your last exercise…the best!

  5. on weekends sobra pa sa exercise maranasan ko kay Hyzyd…ha..ha..i’m the yaya, his playmate, the cheerer…lahat :dazed:

  6. ehem, sexercise is the best :celebrate: :nod:

  7. I don’t do exercise also, walang pera pang gym at pambili ng equipments. hehehe
    pero every week, exercise ko ang labahan. manual washing pa ako. huhuhuh. :cry2:

  8. the equipment I check the price here is $3,000 depend on the type you choose

  9. I saw many fitness centre here but find out the fees is USD$200 a month, so much as even more than my earning.

  10. maka pag jog nga,parang hindi effective sa aking yung pinaka huli. hehe *charot lang*

  11. GREAT EXERCISe sis! you forgot onw of the best exercise….hmmmmm nweis, ako nga pumayat dhil wala n taga gawa ng gawain sa bahay :)) ako n lahat

  12. nasa vocabularay ko nga ba yan??