Pay PLDT Bill Online Through EON

Although I am often looking for an excuse to go outside the house, running errands like paying the bills do not rank very high on the list of the things I want to do when I go out. From all our monthly bills, there is one that allowed us to pay online: the internet/landline bill from PLDT. I discovered a couple of months ago that we can pay our PLDT bill on time without having to drag our asses out to town and then stand in line for about an hour. How? Through my trusty EON card from UnionBank!

Partnered with my EON Cyber Account, I can pay my PLDT bill online. That’s only one biller from the dozens in the list of available billers on the UnionBank website, but one is enough for our purposes. The process of paying online? Easy peasy! Have your PLDT account number and seven-digit telephone number ready.

1. Log on to your EON Cyber Account at

2. Click on BILLS to get to the bills payment option page.

3. Choose “One Time Payment To My Biller”.

4. Type in PHIL in the Biller Name box to look for PLDT then hit Search.

5. The result PHIL LONG DISTANCE TEL CO will appear. Click on it.

6.Fill in the necessary details in the page. You can choose to Pay Now or Schedule Payment Date.

7. You will get a confirmation page saying the transaction is completed.

8. DONE!

I always choose “One Time Payment To My Biller” since we don’t pay a fixed amount every month. You can also choose the “Recurring Payment To My Biller” option if you want and schedule monthly payments, so that your account gets automatically deducted by your biller for the amount owned that month.


  1. says

    if only I have EON, my life would be simpler:D kasi naman, bakit walang union bank dito sa bukidnon? ang hirap kaya kung yan lang pupunta ko sa CDO o Davao, kasi dba pag wiwithdraw sa ibang atm, may mga charges din? hirap naman ng buhay:(

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